Lakh Lakh Menu for December 29

Sheep's milk cheese at the Tabriz bazaar
Sheep’s milk cheese at the bazaar in Tabriz


Good morning! Tonight is the final Lakh Lakh dinner of 2014. We’ll be back on Monday, January 12 in the new year. Have a wonderful holiday, see you in 2015!

As usual, we’re at Porsena Extra Bar, 21 E. 7th Street in Manhattan, between 2nd and 3rd. We serve from 5:30-10 pm, no reservations. Questions? Call Porsena at 212 228 4923.

Lakh Lakh Menu for Monday December 29

Sabzi Khordan, herb and cheese plate with bread, radishes, and walnuts

Mast-o musir, yogurt with shallots

Sambuseh, crispy phyllo triangles stuffed with ground lamb and potatoes, with nigella seeds and spicy relish

Adas, lentil soup with tomato and dried lime

Mahi, olive oil poached fish with herbs, lemon, and garlic

Morgh-e torsh, Gilan style chicken stew with leafy greens

Havij polo, rice with carrots, orange, and saffron

Torsh-e kebab, lamb in pomegranate walnut marinade

Khoresht-e mast, Isfahani style sweet yogurt with barberries, orange zest, ginger, saffron, and almonds

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