Lakh Lakh Menu for Monday February 23

16306486699_44c6503c3c_oWe’re back tonight to bring you the next installment of Lakh Lakh! With recipes from Gilan Province, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan – Iran’s neighbor to the south. Here’s a piece I wrote for Food52 about the cookbooks that have been inspiring my menus recently. These are all wonderful books about Silk Road cooking and beyond, do check them out! Oh, and if you’re into cookbooks, Food52’s 2015 Piglet tournament of cookbooks has begun. Very exciting.


Also this past week, the food writer and photographer Erin Scott cooked up a batch of my Persian Matzo Ball Soup and took such a gorgeous photo that I had to share it with you. She’s pretty damn talented, check out her gluten-free cookbook Yummy Supper. Finally, PopSugar Food shared my recipe for Beet Yogurt. This one is a regular on my Lakh Lakh menus because it’s so tasty, colorful, and fitting for this season.

5a40b967_Beet-Mint-Yogurt.xxxlarge_2xHere’s tonight’s menu. As usual, we’re at Porsena Extra Bar, 21 E. 7th Street in Manhattan, between 2nd and 3rd. We serve from 5:30-10 pm, no reservations. Questions? Call Porsena at 212 228 4923.

Lakh Lakh Menu for Monday February 23

Sabzi Khordan, herb and cheese plate with barbari bread. Traditionally eaten by tucking herbs, feta, radishes, and walnuts into the bread and folding it into a rustic sandwich.

Mast-o musir, yogurt with shallots. A condiment meant to be eaten with rice, stew, kebab, and other foods.

Sambuseh, crispy phyllo triangles stuffed with chickpeas, potatoes, and onions, with nigella seeds and spicy tomato coriander sauce

Ash-e kadu tanbal, pumpkin porridge with rice and lentils

Lavangi-ye mahi, Astara style stuffed fish with walnuts, pomegranate molasses, and herbs

Azerbaijani style ground lamb kebabs with chile peppers and herbs

Tikka, Pakistani style skewered chicken with ginger, lemons, and garam masala

Polo ba konjed, rice with sesame, ginger, and almonds

Cocktail: sour cherry sharbat with Prosecco

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