Your Questions on Thanksgiving Holiday Side Dishes, Today on eHow!

I love cooking for Thanksgiving. I’ve had a love affair going with vegetables for as long as I can remember, so making the side dishes has always my favorite part. I’m talking Brussels sprouts, cornbread, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry relish.

Three variations of mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving

Lucky for me, I’ve been given a platform to talk about creative Thanksgiving side dishes as much as I want on If you need inspiration, check out my how-to videos for simple, beautiful, seasonal recipes. And today, from 2-3 pm EST, I’ll be answering your questions about cooking veggies for Thanksgiving. I look forward to telling you all about how to keep the green beans green, the stuffing fluffy, and more!

Raw cranberry relish

Update: for those who didn’t make it, we covered a lot of ground in one hour. Go here to read the questions and answers we covered about Thanksgiving side dishes. Thanks to everyone who asked a question!

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