Watermelon and Peach Shake: All Yellow

Shakes and smoothies have been on my mind this summer, ever since I spoke to the witty Joe Yonan of the Washington Post for his story on smoothies and soups back in July. When I came across a damaged yellow watermelon marked 10% off at The Brooklyn Kitchen this week, I knew it was destined for my blender.

Answering Joe’s questions about smoothies, I re-examined this food term. Why the heck is it called a smoothie? Growing up in Philadelphia, if I put some fruit and other items like nuts or yogurt into a blender, it was called a shake. Maybe it’s the fault of the California Smoothie chain, but at a certain point I realized that when I said “shake,” people thought I meant a decadent ice cream concoction.

Well I am officially reclaiming the word “shake” to describe a blended fruit drink. It’s not as goofy as the word “smoothie,” and what gives California the right to tell everyone what this drink should be called? And don’t get me started on jimmies vs. sprinkles (the correct and authentic word for these is sprinkles, by the way).

But back to the drink I made. Using a watermelon in a shake means that you don’t need to add milk or water because the fruit has so much water inside. I cut up the watermelon and put it in my Vitamix, followed by some juicy yellow peaches — I like to put like-colored foods together, they usually pair up well. When I blended, the watermelon liquefied first, which made it easy for the peaches to follow.

I tried to resist getting too “cheffy” with this drink, so I didn’t add cayenne, salt, honey, cinnamon, or any number of things that I thought of. I did, however, have some Thai basil in the fridge, so I threw a few leaves of it in. If you have some mint or lemon verbena, that would be lovely in here, too, but not necessary.

Happy Friday. Enjoy these summer days when the fruit seems to be throwing itself at our feet, full of sweet flavor. Take your shake out into the yard — or onto the fire escape — and thank the universe for the bounty around us.

One thought on “Watermelon and Peach Shake: All Yellow

  1. This looks delicious Louisa.  I just finished drinking a melon cilantro smoothie with  lime.  A lot of ingredients; watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi, banana, cilantro and lime, but so tasty! I'll have to give this beautiful shake a try tomorrow…or later today : )

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