The Shurka Bazaar, April 14 in NYC

Two very inspired ladies of Iranian descent are planning an amazing event called the Shurka Bazaar, to take place on April 14. The idea is to recreate the charm and magic of a classic Persian Bazaar, but with some fantastical twists, as only some creative, big-thinking New Yorkers could dream up. The Bazaar will be along Lower Madison Avenue, beside Madison Park, following the big NYC Persian Parade earlier that day.

This will be a fun event to attend, and fun to be a part of. The organizers are actively seeking both Persian and non-Persian vendors to set up their “stalls” in the Bazaar! They’re also looking for volunteers to help out. You can learn all about the event on the Shurka Bazaar website, or on their Facebook page. Please help to spread the word!

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