Sneak Peek at The New Persian Kitchen

I’m happy to report that my as-yet-unborn new cookbook has a name! It’s …The New Persian Kitchen. Ta-da! A couple of photos after the jump.

Publication is a long way off yet—not until April 2013! But, photos, design, and printing all need to be done waaaay ahead of time, thus, a couple of pages of the book already exist in the Ten Speed Press catalog for Spring 2013. These photos were taken by the incredibly talented Sara Remington, who also snapped the images for my friend Sarah Copeland’s super sexy The Newlywed Cookbook, and the gorgeous Blue Chair Jam cookbook.

If you’ve been to my events or cooking classes lately, you may recognize the sabzi khordan platter — which translates as “edible herbs” — on the right, or the saffron and ricotta-stuffed artichokes on the left.

If you came to my Norooz dinner at Jimmy’s No 43, the pretty pink rhubarb faloodeh (rhubarb sorbet with rice noodles) may look familiar, as the final course that made you go from being full to being Persian full, which is a whole different feeling.

Can you guess which photo was taken by me, and not Sara? Hmmm…..The New Persian Kitchen is still in progress, but you can sample some of the recipes at my upcoming . I’ll be making the Lamb Meatballs with Mint & Garlic (pictured), and a beautiful platter of edible herbs, like the one above. And that’s just part of the menu! For details, go to . See you there!


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at The New Persian Kitchen

  1. How beautiful! Lovely pictures and what an inspired idea.
    It’s high time Persian cooking had a bit of a healthy
    makeover–I love those classic recipes, but am looking
    forward to easier, QUICKER ways to make them!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rumi Girl, I look forward to supplying you with some simple, farm-to-table Persian recipes!

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