Put Persian food on the cover of Edible Brooklyn!

A few weeks back, Edible Brooklyn editor (the inimitable) Rachel Wharton, and photographer Lauren Volo came to visit me in Williamsburg. I prepared a feast for them – nine different dishes! – of food that I tasted in Iran. Although we eventually sat down and ate, it wasn’t until Lauren had gorgeously photographed all of it. Her photos will accompany my essay about visiting Iran, which will appear in next month’s Travel Issue. Now, Edible Brooklyn is asking people to vote for their favorite cover photo for the Travel Issue, and Lauren’s photo of the classic Persian herb platter, sabzi khordan, is in the running.

Please take a moment to go over and vote for this luscious photo! Wouldn’t it be cool to see Persian food on the cover of Edible Brooklyn? Thanks!

Photo: Sabzi khordan, herb platter with bread, cheese. Lauren Volo for Edible Brooklyn

3 thoughts on “Put Persian food on the cover of Edible Brooklyn!

    1. Hey Sara, thanks for your support! Yes, I wrote a story about my trip to Iran which will run in the Travel Issue. The story will include a recipe, too 🙂

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