Plant Therapy

This week, James started a garden on the fire escape outside our kitchen window, so I can look over from my desk and see something beautiful.

As I close in on finishing the first draft of my Persian cookbook, my eyes are tired of looking down at the computer and a pile of books. When I need a mental break, I turn my chair and look across the room to the garden. If I’m really restless (always), I go into the kitchen, open the window, and stick my head out. Suddenly I’m surrounded by bright flowers glistening in the rain.

There are pink geraniums, electric orange impatiens, and something with purple flowers. We are waiting for the herbs to pop out of the soil; chives, basil, and oregano. There’s a planter full of Texas wildflower seeds, I can’t wait to see what they look like. Like a good Italian boy, James is going to put in some tomato plants and extra basil.

There’s a rhubarb plant that I got from my cousin in Vermont that’s been out there for a few years, and two little pots covered over with soft moss.

I love picking up the pots and running my fingers over the moss. I can imagine curling up and taking a nap with my cheek on it, like characters in Shakespeare who get lost in the woods.

The draft is due in a week. I look forward to getting my own hands dirty in our garden, and frolicking about somewhere that I can be surrounded by flowers. Maybe the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s free Amble day on June 2, the day after deadline, would be a good way to celebrate. See you on the other side!



3 thoughts on “Plant Therapy

  1. louisa
    what beautiful photos, the colors are fantastic.

    thanks as always for a great class on tuesday, I’m planning to make the rhubarb desert for my brother who is visiting today

  2. BON CHANCE Lou reaching the finish line!!!
    I hope those are edible flowers..ahem
    Grow DILL..
    You can not find decent dill in Paris-it’s pathetic – who knew?
    I plan to take seeds and grow my own..
    perhaps James can stop by and plant them?
    xxAunt C

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