Persian Ingredients on NPR’s Cook Your Cupboard!

Today on NPR’s Cook Your Cupboard feature, you can hear me give cooking advice to a stumped Morning Edition listener who has some mysterious ingredients in her kitchen, including pomegranate molasses, chickpea flour, and rose water (oh, and canned chop suey vegetables, which are definitely NOT Persian). I give some quick outlines for dishes that you can make using these ingredients. If you want the full recipes, they’re in The New Persian Kitchen. Enjoy the interview and recipes!

3 thoughts on “Persian Ingredients on NPR’s Cook Your Cupboard!

  1. Hello Ms. Shafia! I am the woman you spoke with during this fantastic interview. I am now the proud owner of The New Persian Kitchen and love it! I’ve made several recipes in it and have enjoyed them all. Thanks for a great book and a very fun radio experience 🙂

    1. Hey Katharyn, great to hear from you! I had so much fun doing that interview, I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the cookbook. If you have recipe questions, you know where to turn. I hope you are somewhere warm and toasty today!

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