Persian Ice Cream Sandwiches

Persian ice cream sandwiches are so different from the ones most of us have eaten. They are filled with rose water scented ice cream and packed between thin wafers that bend with every bite.

I first tasted them in LA, at the wonderful Saffron & Rose ice cream shop. Of course I had to include my own take on these whimsical confections in my upcoming Persian cookbook, they’re just so dainty and adorable! I’ll be showing people how to make them at the Institute for Culinary Education next Thursday June 21, along with other recipes from the upcoming book. The class is called Saffron & Rose, A Fresh & Healthy Persian Feast. Please join me! I’d love to get your take on the new dishes, and spend the first day of summer creating a Persian feast with you!

3 thoughts on “Persian Ice Cream Sandwiches

  1. Since I was lucky enough to be there when you were testing out this divine ice cream sandwich I can attest these are heavenly and maybe the best thing on the planet!!!
    Very subtle and not too sweet.

    1. Hi Julia, thank you! 1001 Nights is the best compliment you could give me, I hope to evoke a bit of the fairy-tale quality of this enchanting food. Recipe will have to wait until the book is out next spring, just around the corner. Thanks for stopping by, and I love the photos on your site!

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