New Cooking Videos, plus Where to Eat in Seattle

This year's Seattle Iranian Festival poster, designed by Misha Zadeh Graham

I am going to make this a quick post, as I am sitting in my apartment in Brooklyn with four fans blasting at once, and I need to run out to go see Crystal Fairy and bask in the air conditioning before I spontaneously combust. Before I go, I want to share with you the cooking videos that I made for the Weight Watchers series, “In the Kitchen.”

Weight Watchers has a new cooking video series that highlights healthy dishes from ethnic cuisines, and the latest addition is Persian food. The recipes in the videos are some of my favorites from The New Persian Kitchen. Check ’em out!

I recently visited Seattle, and wow, people in this town have done a great job of creating community around food! Some of my favorite food hotspots were the welcoming Book Larder cookbook store, where I did a signing, the beautiful Pantry at Delancey, where I taught cooking classes, and the tasty Turkish/Persian/Arabic-inspired restaurant Mamnoon, whose menu was created by the brilliant cookbook author Barbara Abdeni Massaad.

With Misha Zadeh Graham (in her "Marjane Satrapi" dress) at Seattle Iranian Festival

The rest of my recommendations come from Misha Zadeh Graham, the graphic designer who created the striking poster for this year’s Seattle Iranian Festival—the event that brought me to Seattle in the first place. When I arrived in SEA, Misha sent me the juiciest, most info-packed email about what to do during my stay in her town, including a great list of restaurants to try. Here is Misha’s list of SEA recommendations. Enjoy, and stay cool!

Ideas for Where to Eat in SEA, from Misha Zadeh Graham

After Book Larder (or dinner any of your other nights):

Via Tribunali for authentic and amazing Neapolitan style pizza. Low key and cross the street from Book Larder.
Revel in Fremont for AMAZING Korean-inspired cuisine. This restaurant has been written up everywhere
The Whale Wins or Joule in Fremont. Tons of press and beautiful, new spaces.
The Walrus & Carpenter in downtown Ballard. Amazing and tons of press and awards. It is teeny and they don’t take reservations, but worth it. You can likely sit at the bar.

Breakfast Monday and Tuesday
Really too bad that Honore AND The Fat Hen are both closed on M and T as you would LOVE them. They are on the same block as The Pantry at Delancey. Delancey is also closed on M and T. Shoot!!

Tea and Crepes from Miro on Ballard avenue
Coffee and Japanese-French pastries from Fresh Flours on Phinney Ridge

Wednesday departure
Breakfast from Fat Hen (I love their French Press coffee and their baked eggs in tomato sauce)
Plus…pick up some pastries from Honore for your plane ride.

5 thoughts on “New Cooking Videos, plus Where to Eat in Seattle

  1. I am beginning to think Seattle would be a lovely, lovely place to live. Even if it’s grey and rainy sometimes.

    That is a beautiful poster too! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Leah,

      Believe me, the same thought crossed my mind, too. I think SEA has a damn good quality of life, but I have to admit I’ve never been there when it’s not sunny!

  2. This is a terrific list of recommended go-to spots. When folks fly in from LA and New York, I always take them to Revel. It’s exciting and different, in a thoughtful way…and never fails to impress.

    I love that photo of you and Misha. And she’s the poster designer? Amazing woman!

    1. Hey Traca, I know, I wanted to get to Revel but there just wasn’t enough time. That’s one reason why I’ll have to come back to Seattle! It was wonderful to meet you there, Traca, and thanks for all your great recommendations, too!

  3. I am looking for 2 recipes recently, ONE IS Ponchik ( a pastry with custard in the middle} I used to have it when I was in high school ,and also in Pastry in Tehran . the second one I craving is Eshkeneh . Could you email me the recipes)thank you .

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