New Cooking Videos, Courtesy George Spyros of Big City Pix!


Once in a while, a friend comes through for you in a big way.

My friend George Spyros is a case in point. Back when it was warm out (remember that?) he came and filmed me making food for the clean energy-powered outdoor festival known as CitySol, held in NYC every summer by the environmental education non-profit Solar One. As George is a big proponent of all things green, my sustainable catering business made for a perfect subject.

We had a blast shooting the footage, and I was just tickled that the physical labor and schlepping that’s an everyday occurrence in the life of a caterer was glamorous enough to serve as feature material. So the summer went by, and I got caught up in book launch mode, and the footage we shot was all but forgotten in the whirlwind of promotional activity that accompanies a book release. Then, on the eve of the book launch party, George gave me the best surprise gift that I didn’t even know I was waiting for. He’d turned the footage we shot into three dynamic videos and posted them to his eco-living website, Susty: suddenly, there for all to see were the pesto focaccia sandwiches, curried chickpea wraps, and watermelonade that I’d cooked up for the festival, along with clear instructions on how to make each dish, and beautiful shots of the festival.

So please enjoy the three new videos made by George that are up on the Videos/Recipes page of If I become famous (these days, the goal of every red-blooded American), much thanks will be owed to George. Here’s to friends. Without their generosity, where we would be?

Watch the 3 new videos by George, “Focaccia Pesto Sandwich,” “Curried Chickpeas and Corn Wrap,” “Watermelonade:”

Click here to learn more about George Spyros and his first-rate production company, Big City Pictures:

Click here to learn more about Solar One and CitySol:

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  1. Nice post about the videos, but where are the videos themselves? I'd love to watch them. Can you post a link or something? Thanks

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