My Detox Recipes for Whole Living Magazine

Check out the May issue of Whole Living magazine for some delicious detox recipes.

For the second year in a row, Whole Living asked me to bring my signature recipe style to their cleansing detox menu. I’m a fan of Whole Living because I can relate to the content. I think of it as Martha Stewart’s “new age” magazine, for people like me who are into healing and healthy living. I’m always thrilled when they want to feature my recipes, because I get to create dishes that I would want to eat myself!

This year, I came up with a menu designed to be eaten over a 3-day period for a spring mini-cleanse. Even though they’re healthy, these recipes are satisfying. The Beet Salad is studded with avocados and sunflower seeds, the Carrot-Spinach Soup gets Persian flavor from turmeric and dill, and there are fun snacks like Banana Ice Cream made in the food processor, and Radishes with Chives and Olive Oil—my take on the classic French snack of radishes with butter.

These recipes are healthy, fresh, and full of flavor and color. You can get all of the recipes online, and see more of Whole Living’s beautiful photos, that make this food look downright decadent.

Happy Spring!

4 thoughts on “My Detox Recipes for Whole Living Magazine

  1. Thanks Bill! Are you guys into healthy eating? Must be a challenge for rock n’ rollers like Maggi and Pierce on the road.

  2. Definitely making the BEET SALADE!!
    could add pomie seeds maybe..?
    Then I saw the BANANA ICE CREAM – would be the perfect desert for dinner soiree but no cuisinart here 🙁
    Hmm…must improvise
    merci cg

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