Matzoh Ball Soup in August

Well, it’s 81 degrees outside, and here I am cooking up a huge, steaming pot of matzoh ball soup.

Why? Because I’m testing recipes for the new book, and this is the reality of recipe testing. You have to make sure that the recipes work, even if that means making a dish multiple times in the unlikeliest of seasons.

In case you’re wondering what matzoh balls are doing in a Persian cookbook, Iranian Jews have their own signature version of these sublime dumplings, called gondi, and they’re made with chickpea flour and chicken, and flavored with cardamom and dried limes. The soup is delicious, and I’ll be telling you more about it when the book is out.

In the meantime, my timer is going off. Did I mention that I also have a savory rice pie baking in the oven? It’s hot in here….

One thought on “Matzoh Ball Soup in August

  1. Looks sensational; gondi are like an even heartier matzah ball, with a bit more exotic spice to boot. Thanks for posting. . . !

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