Recipe testing for The New Persian Kitchen is finally winding down, and soon I will go on an epic cleanse to make up for all the tahdig, rice, lamb, butter, and other decadent foods I’ve been happily consuming  over the past year. But not this week. Today I am heading to Italy for a week of celebrations—a wedding anniversary in Montalcino, and a wedding in Florence—and I plan to experience every tasty bit of the local fare. I’m especially looking forward to olives, cheese, and red wine! But I started off healthy this morning with a majoon shake, made of yogurt, frozen bananas, and dates, and topped with toasted nuts and seeds. The recipe is in the new cookbook, but if you want to taste one now then get yourself over to Cafe Glace in the Westwood neighborhood of LA where I first tasted this Persian treat. I’m so excited to share this and all the other new recipes with you come April. Just a bit more testing and editing left to go. Have a wonderful week, ciao!

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