Lakh Lakh Menu for Monday November 3


Did everyone watch last night’s episode of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, featuring Iran? I only got to see parts of it, but what I saw was great. It reflected what I encountered in Iran and have been trying to explain to people–there are friendly folks and good food in Iran!

In anticipation of last night’s episode, Food Republic asked me to write about 10 Essential Iranian Dishes, check ’em out.

Lakh Lakh is going strong, below is tonight’s menu. As usual, we’re at Porsena Extra Bar, 21 E. 7th Street in Manhattan, between 2nd and 3rd. We serve from 5:30-10 pm, no reservations. Any questions about seating, call Porsena at 212 228 4923.

Lakh Lakh Menu for Monday November 3

Sabzi Khordan, herb and cheese plate with lavash bread. Traditionally eaten by tucking herbs, feta, radishes, and walnuts into the lavash and folding it into a rustic sandwich.

Borani garch, yogurt with sautéed mushrooms and herbs. A condiment meant to be eaten along with rice, stew, kebab, and other foods.

Sambuseh, crispy phyllo triangles stuffed with cauliflower and walnuts, with nigella seeds and spicy relish

Labu, roasted gold beets

Ash-e torsh, sweet-and-sour fruit soup with persimmons and ground lamb

Koofteh Berenji, lamb, rice, and herb meatballs in lemony tomato sauce

Khoresh-e alu, chicken stew with plums

Haveej Polo, rice with carrots, orange, and saffron

Jujeh kabab, chicken kabab marinated in lemon and saffron

Bastani nooni, saffron ice cream sandwich with house made cardamom wafer

Cocktail: tarragon and cucumber sekanjabin with Prosecco

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