Hanukkah and Olive Oil: Two Luscious Salads

Did you know that the miracle of Hanukkah is attributed to olive oil? Yes, the oil that lasted eight days was none other than our favorite unsaturated fat.

I didn’t know about the olive oil link until I researched this story on Hanukkah cooking for the Jew and the Carrot, the Jewish Daily Forward‘s blog on Jews, food, and contemporary issues. Traditionally, Hanukkah food is fried. Think latkes cooked in vegetable oil. But if you want to commemorate history, use olive oil.

Check out my story, Savoring the Miracle, for two simple salad recipes that put olive oil back in the spotlight: Orange and Fennel, and Pomegranate with Celery Root. Both are luscious and fruity, and make excellent latke toppings!

This Hanukkah, don’t skimp on the latkes, but make a place at the table for olive oil. Happy Hanukkah!

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