How About Fesenjan for Rosh Hashanah This Year? The New Persian Kitchen in Hadassah Magazine

I’m honored that The New Persian Kitchen is featured in the August/September issue of Hadassah Magazine. One of my goals in writing the book was to bring attention to the fact that Jews have been in Iran almost as long as they have been in Israel, and that Jews and Muslims have lived there together for thousands of years. Aside from this being a powerful inspiration for dialogue and healing between the two religions, it’s also wonderful news for Jews in the United States, who once thought that “Jewish” food meant only Ashkenazi food. This year for Rosh Hashanah, why not try authentic Persian and Jewish dishes like Sweet Rice with Carrots and Nuts, and Pomegranate Chicken Stew? Get the recipes and the story at Hadassah.

8 thoughts on “How About Fesenjan for Rosh Hashanah This Year? The New Persian Kitchen in Hadassah Magazine

  1. That’s great exposure, Louisa — congrats! Side note: I’m working with Heidi Krahling on her second book, and she told me that she found your haydari recipe with grated beets very inspiring. I think you met her at an event at Tante Marie’s?

    1. Thanks Kate,

      Great to hear from you! How cool that you’re working with Heidi on her next book! I hung out with her a couple of times, she is a bright light. I have the Insalata’s Mediterranean Table cookbook sitting on my desk. It’s beautiful, and I’m sure yours will be excellent. Please give me a shout if you come through NYC!

  2. Tonight’s dinner was a test-run for Rosh Hashanah…I made the sweet rice with carrots and nuts, as well as TEMPEH Fesenjun. Both were fantastic and will be on Thursday’s menu!

  3. Louisa, I bought your book recently and have already prepared several dishes for your recipes. Tell me, what is the pronunciation in Farsi ( with English letters) this sauce – tamarind date chutney?
    What a pity – I have to wait 6 weeks before it will be ready and i can taste it!

    1. Hi Elena, good question. Okay, I’ll give this a try. The first word is “tor-shee” with emphasis on the first syllable. Then “e,” pronounced like the “a” in lay. Last word is the hardest. Start deep in your throat and with a very guttural “h” say “horma.” It all comes together as “torshee-ay horma.” Whew, that was hard! And, you don’t have to wait six weeks to eat it, it will be delicious now, but it will be even better if you can wait. Good luck!

      1. Louisa , many thanks for help! I’ll wait with patience….
        I really like recipes from your book .
        Before couple of days I prepared “khorak Morgh ba aloo va holoo” ( I hope you understand this pronunciation), based on your recipes for chicken and recipes from other author – it’s a quintessence of paradise in plate!

  4. wow both demo cooking classes are filled up! inquire about waiting/cancell list for both workshops..

    in the mean time will order both books..i working on a unique cook book/etc..etc….
    i am retired former veggie/vegan community chef..

    much thanks for all this inspirational ..good smells…working on only 20 to 30 0 % cook foods ..we’ll see..mmmm..

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